Stilò enters a charming family home nestled in the picturesque hills of Asti, where time has bestowed character in every corner.

Teaming up with the landlord, Stilò takes on the challenge of the 110% Superbonus, aimed at boosting the energy efficiency of a building that loses heat easily due to its old windows and layout.

The heating system was upgraded, and exterior maintenance, window replacement, and insulation were also carried out with precision, honoring the perfect synergy between technology and tradition.

San Pietro in Vincoli

An incredible building and artistic adventure, a restoration that touched every part of the building: roof, plants, pavements, distribution, decoration, furniture. An extraordinarily effective team effort involving the diocese administration, institutions, professionals, craftsmen, technicians, restorers and the local community.

Towards the rediscovery of beauty as community value.

Press articles about the works:

Intervista agli Arch. Antonello Loi e Cristina Marietta (Restauri d’Arte, marzo 2021)

Cavoretto, il restauro di San Pietro in Vincoli (Torino Oggi 27.02.2021)

Parroci sepolti in chiesa, scoperte due tombe del 1800 (La Stampa Torino, 12.02.2021)

Un progetto complesso che ha coinvolto tutti (Speciale La Voce e il Tempo, 10.10.2021)

Memorial do Convento

The restructuring involves some planimetric changes, aimed at creating spaces with a clear functional vocation. The generosity of the surfaces, the majesty of the original rooms and the beauty of the pieces do the rest, supported by discreet architectural solutions and quality.

Mare Nero - Stilò Architetti

Black sea

While outside the “bisuoli” in masonry are restored, the verandas in reeds are fixed, the fixtures are restored, the walls are rekindled with the typical white lime plaster, inside there are solutions for the minimum spaces, cared for with attention by the owner-stylist, who chooses fixed furniture exclusively black in honor of the lava origin of the island.
The floors are made of cement, according to tradition. The bathroom and kitchen coverings are in cementine, whose fantasy (in black and white) is specially designed and commissioned to a specialized factory. Ceramic switches control strictly black and white wicker chandeliers. The black sanitary fixtures also have modern lines, as does the tapware. The kitchen top, made of cement by local workers, has a tilt mechanism that allows access to a cellar behind, the door of which is camouflaged with the wall thanks to the careful laying of the coating.

San Sebastiano

The works start from the replacement of the cocciopesto roofing -made in recent times and cause of infiltration – with brick roofs according to the original conformation. The intervention also involves the masonry (new plaster and cleaning of the stone facades), the wooden windows (restored), the rose window (protected with a single additional crystal). Inside all the plasters are renewed, the ribs in stone cleaned, the flooring of the choir dismantled and rebuilt.

Mole - Stilò Architetti


A construction company buys a portion of the only block survived the bombing right in front of the Mole Antonelliana. The building is full of charm, having been until a few years ago, a workshop for students of the San Carlo schools, where they were trained craftsmen set designers, carpenters, decorators.

The market seems to suggest the transformation into small apartments, but the peculiarity of the location requires to explore another way.

The brochure we realized can be seen here.

La Caletta

La Caletta is a small beach in the Gulf of Oristano (Sardinia), difficult to reach by land. Stilò is in love with it, and proposes to the Administration to recover the two military buildings that are located there – a garret and a boathouse – to make a hostel for trekkers and nature passionates, in order to create a constant garrison to defend this part of the coast.