Black sea

A young Piedmontese industrialist buys a house with an outbuilding in Stromboli, in the Aeolian archipelago.
The renovation is a work of chisel, aimed at bringing to maximum splendor a building of 400 years that can only be treated with the techniques and materials of local tradition.

The project

While outside the “bisuoli” in masonry are restored, the verandas in reeds are fixed, the fixtures are restored, the walls are rekindled with the typical white lime plaster, inside there are solutions for the minimum spaces, cared for with attention by the owner-stylist, who chooses fixed furniture exclusively black in honor of the lava origin of the island.
The floors are made of cement, according to tradition. The bathroom and kitchen coverings are in cementine, whose fantasy (in black and white) is specially designed and commissioned to a specialized factory. Ceramic switches control strictly black and white wicker chandeliers. The black sanitary fixtures also have modern lines, as does the tapware. The kitchen top, made of cement by local workers, has a tilt mechanism that allows access to a cellar behind, the door of which is camouflaged with the wall thanks to the careful laying of the coating.

  • Address Stromboli (ME), 2010
  • CategoryHistorical heritageHousing
  • Credits Project and Works supervision: Stilò ArchitettiPhotos: Lucio Beltrami