a building company that owns a building at the foot of the Mole Antonelliana asks Stilò to design two luxury urban villas there. The project, detailed up to the choice of materials and furnishing solutions, is presented in a brochure whose graphics Stilò takes care of.

The project

A construction company buys a portion of the only block survived the bombing right in front of the Mole Antonelliana. The building is full of charm, having been until a few years ago, a workshop for students of the San Carlo schools, where they were trained craftsmen set designers, carpenters, decorators.

The market seems to suggest the transformation into small apartments, but the peculiarity of the location requires to explore another way.

The brochure we realized can be seen here.

  • Address Torino, 2012
  • CategoryHistorical heritageHousing
  • Credits Project: Stilò ArchitettiRender: Riccardo GagliarducciGraphic project: Luca Porru