Klimahaus Class A

29 November 2015: As part of the Restructura fair, Stilò receives Casaclima Class A certification for a single-family villa built in the Turin belt.

The project

The design follows the requirements of the customers, who want a house thermally and functionally super-performing but without sacrificing some typological characters and traditional materials. Thus, through successive approximations, the design is defined in a difficult balance between tradition and modernity, both from a formal and technical point of view. Abandoning the overly spartan connotations of many energy-efficient “eco-houses”, the villa finds its grace in the choice of materials, in the reduced but studied volumetric movements, in the purity of the lines.
The interiors are all played on the abundance of light, an absolute protagonist of the living area. The basement also enjoys all the sunshine necessary thanks to the creation of a lowered patio on the south side.

The building is also the first in the municipality of Volpiano to meet the voluntary requirements of the bio-architecture plan.

  • Address Volpiano (To), 2015
  • CategoryHousing
  • Credits Architectural Project: Stilò ArchitettiExecutive Project: Riccardo GagliarducciConstractor: Impresa Costruzioni PerisPhotos: Lucio Beltrami