Villa for a lady

One detached house, two apartments on two floors. Garage, warehouse, small garden. Typical distribution of house ’60s, good location and excellent size.
The landlady asks to renovate the entire building by expanding the spaces on the ground floor and making the two apartments completely independent. The work carried out, taking advantage of the spaces of the old driveway and cellars, allows you to create a more spacious and elegant apartment.

The project

The project translates into a recognizable “graft”: a dark volume, characterized by large windows overlooking the garden, crosses the cottage from the street to the back. The differences in level inherited from the existing distribution are integrated into a lively design and highlighted with different materials and colours.
The entrance opens onto a large living room, paved with anthracite-coloured stoneware, in continuity with the outside.

An oak platform – at the height of the present apartment – raises the spaces for conversation in a more intimate environment and serves as a filter for the sleeping area. The garden “enters” the house: the dining room and the kitchen enjoy it directly thanks to a full-height window that allows you to enjoy light and green in summer as well as in winter.

The cellar has been restored for the exclusive use of the owner’s apartment: there is a laundry room, a small cellar and a small tavern that communicates physically with the living area through an open staircase and visually through a cut of light just under the attic.

  • Address Chieri (TO), 2007
  • CategoryHousing
  • Credits Preliminary project: MARC + Stilò ArchitettiExecutive project and Work supervision: Stilò ArchitettiPhotos: Lucio Beltrami